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Oceanic Gin


Antipodes Oceanic Gin

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The Antipodes – vast oceans crash onto wide open,

sunburnt land and wash over bountiful native coastal

flora. This gin is our response to Australia’s remarkable

coastlines – from the rugged swells to the postcardperfect,

our oceanic lifestyle is an indelible part of who

we are.

Oceanic is a briny, savoury gin highlighted with native saltbush,

Wakame Seaweed and underscored with the aromatic

influence of desert lime, Geraldton wax and lemon

myrtle. Fragrant Juniper lingers with the warmth of pink

pepper and the heat of wasabi as the tide goes out from

this dry gin experience.


Neat, sophisticated, happy to mix. Made responsibly in Australia.

Let’s make the Antipodes journey together.


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