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Pinot Noir Barrel Gin – 200ml


Certified organic pinot noir barrelled gin.

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Our pink gin in an ex-Pinot Noir 300L French Oak hogshead from Lark Hill Winery.
A beautiful ethereal hue and a new complexity that is soft in mouthfeel, bright in aroma and dry across the palate.
Silky fresh juniper, orange blossom and oak tones from deep within the barrels 3 vintages of Chardonnay and Pinot all play a part in the steady maturation across 7 months.
A savoury gin, a spirit worthy of your finest cocktail explorations.

Barrel – 300L French Oak Barriques sourced from the Tonnellerie Sirugue in Burgundy.
Toasting – Dark
Maturation – 7 months

Neat, sophisticated, happy to mix. Made responsibly in Australia.

Let’s make the Antipodes journey together.


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